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Life & Relationships

I offer individual coaching and consulting services for anyone seeking to improve their personal or professional relationships.  By teaching you how to develop the daily practice of using personality style awareness and to relax tension patterns , optimize strengths, deal with blind spots and move forward.

Do you feel socially anxious, dating challenged, feeling stuck in a relationship, forgot who you are , not balancing love, work,and family well,  and want to find the balance to have the passion and love you deserve? Then I am your coach.

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Health & Wellness Life Coaching


WHAT IS A HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH AND HOW CAN THEY HELP YOU? Have you tried every diet known to mankind, yet can't lose weight?  Are you showing signs of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol , and want to stop the progression now before its too late?  Do you long for a s... Learn more
Self Discipline and Inspiration Life Coaching

Self Discipline and Inspiration

Self Discipline and Inspiration If the motivation is external as in, you have to go to work-not because you want to, you have to study for a test-so your parents do not get mad, you go on a diet because your doctor/friend/spouse says you should, it is not likely that you will be motivated t... Learn more
Career Life Coaching


Career The average American changes careers seven times during their life. While previous generations viewed career changes as a negative attribute, today’s workforce is far more dynamic and evolved. Gone are the days of choosing a position in which you would one day retire. Broad knowled... Learn more
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