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The average American changes careers seven times during their life. While previous generations viewed career changes as a negative attribute, today’s workforce is far more dynamic and evolved. Gone are the days of choosing a position in which you would one day retire. Broad knowledge, innovation, and adaptability are the new norm.

If you have been feeling like you are no longer getting satisfaction out of your job, have been suffering a sense of stagnation in your position, looking to increase your employability, or ready to make a career choice or change, career counseling can help guide you through what can often be a confusing and stressful time. Maybe you haven't been in the work place for many years and aren't able to find your new beginings or niche.  

Each client is unique in what they want to achieve through career counseling. Some want that big promotion that has been dangling in front of them for years, yet others know they will never be happy in their current career but have few ideas on how to make such a big change in their lives. Other clients are searching for a career for the first time or have unexpectedly found themselves in a position to create a new path for their futures. Whatever the reason, career counseling offers a collaborative relationship between yourself and a specialized professional who is trained and experienced in vocational enhancement.

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